SÁB 23 DE OCTUBRE DE 2021 - 21:52hs.
House’s president spoke at press conference

Brazilian Senate may analyze a project on the creation of resorts integrated with casinos

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, commented that, depending on the approval of party leaders, the House may analyze proposals that deal with the liberation of games of chance in the country. Among the projects is the one that regulates the creation of resorts integrated with casinos. Pacheco stated that he has no position on projects dealing with the topic.

The legalization of the gaming sector is a subject that has been included in the discussions of proposals that promote changes in tax rules, including as a possible compensation for the loss of revenue with an eventual decrease in income tax, due to the tax reform.

"There are several proposals in this sense [for the release of games of chance]. There is even a proposal for the so-called integrated resorts, it seems to me by Senator Irajá [Irajá (PSD-TO)]. These are projects that exist and, according to the criteria of the party leaders, the senators and the senators, we can give the due direction, but my position is not defined for any of these projects," said Pacheco when asked by journalists during a press conference.

The president of the Senate, however, stated that he had no definite position on any of the projects on gambling. The release of games of chance is a controversial issue that divides parliamentarians. Senators favoring a return to legal casinos say exploitation could boost the country's revenue; and revenues, destined to areas such as health and education.

On the other hand, contrary congressmen maintain that the release of the activity as a whole can favor the commission of crimes of corruption, including money laundering.


On another front in Congress, the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), created a working group (WG) to also address the issue.

The collegiate, established on September 10, will have 90 days, extendable for an equal period, to analyze a 1991 bill that creates the "Regulatory Framework for Gaming in Brazil". The rapporteur for the matter will be Deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE).

In 2016, a special committee of the Chamber on the proposal approved a substitute that regulated games of chance, including bingo, jogo do bicho and casino.

Source: G1