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Public hearing on sports betting canceled in Brazil’s Deputies Chamber

The public hearing scheduled for this Thursday (23) by the special committee of the Chamber of Deputies created to analyze Bill 1153/19, was canceled. Although it was on the agenda and with confirmed guests, the meeting was postponed and still has no date set to take place. The hearing had been requested by Deputy Celina Leão (PP-DF) to discuss, within the scope of the project that amends the Pelé Law, issues related to sports betting in Brazil.

Bill 1153/19, originated in the Senate, reached the Chamber of Deputies for discussions and voting and, during the initial phase, Federal Deputy Celina Leão presented a request to better discuss the topic of sports betting, which is currently being regulated by the Lotteries and Evaluation Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy.

The deputy argues that the authorization for the operation of sports betting houses "should be based on criteria such as not granting explicit or unbalanced advantages in favor of the bookmaker and proof of the random and reputable nature of the bets."

For this reason and because she understands the complexity of the topic, Celina Leão said that "it is necessary to discuss how sports betting should be provided for in the legal system and what other essential aspects would be for the activity to be regularly carried out, without asymmetries and allowing the fully legal and dynamic functioning of the sector."

It was confirmed the presence of Ricardo Liáo, President of the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf); Rodrigo Malafaia Vieira Alves, President of the Brazilian Association of Sports Betting: and Marcel Rabello, lawyer of the Brazilian Association of State Lotteries (Able).

Source: GMB