SÁB 23 DE OCTUBRE DE 2021 - 20:43hs.
On September 30, at 11 am (Brazil time)

Minister Gilmar Mendes to debate on state lotteries in new OAB/DF webinar

The webinar series “The Rules of Gaming”, by the Federal District OAB's Gaming Law Commission, will address, on September 30, at 11:00 am (Brazil time), a new debate about “The State of Lotteries: One Year After ADPFs 492 and 493”. A good surprise will be the already confirmed presence of the STF Minister Gilmar Mendes, rapporteur at the Federal Supreme Court of the actions that ended the Union's monopoly in the exploitation of lotteries in Brazil.

The Federal District's OAB has just announced that it will hold a new webinar, this time addressing state lotteries. The event will be broadcast by Zoom and the participation of Minister Gilmar Mendes has already been confirmed, who brilliantly reported the Allegations of Non-compliance with Fundamental Precepts 492 and 493, on September 30, 2020.

After a year of his report that ended the Union's monopoly in the exploitation of lotteries in Brazil, making room for the States to launch their own lotteries, interested parties will have the opportunity to revisit Gilmar Mendes' vote and the respective decision of the ADPFs 492 and 493.

According to Sérgio Garcia Alves, President of the OAB/DF Gaming Law Commission, “we will draw a scenario of where we are with the new state lotteries” to understand the current stage of the process of implementation in the States and “we will have the word of Minister Gilmar Mendes, of Izabel Vinchon, General Secretary for Litigation at the Federal Attorney General's Office, and Mirian Lavocat, Vice President of the Commission and President of the Tax Reform Commission of the OAB/DF.”

For Garcia Alves, it is an unmissable opportunity to understand the advances throughout this first year of what the main players in the Brazilian lottery market claim to be “the redemption of an activity that should already be operating directly in the States.”

The OAB/DF Gaming Law Commission was created to encourage the participation of lawyers and professionals from other areas in the discussion on the regular organization of the market and its respective development.

The webinar series “The Rules of Gaming” promotes monthly public meetings of interest to the Commission's participants and, ultimately, to society.

For more information about the IV Seminar – “The State of Lotteries: One Year After ADPFs 492 and 493”, interested parties should send an email to oabdf.direitodosjogos@gmail.com or eventos@oabdf.com.

Source: GMB