SÁB 23 DE OCTUBRE DE 2021 - 20:35hs.
Special celebration promotion

Bodog’s Fair Play Poker celebrates 10 years of fairer, more transparent and safer tables

Fair Play Poker is Bodog Poker's website that promotes fair, transparent and secure tables so that the player can play with more peace of mind. On its 10th anniversary, the room will host a special freeroll. With the idea that recreational players don't need to expose themselves to the tools the pros have to find out what their competitors have at hand, Fair Play Poker was born at Bodog. The company claims that today it is the only website in the world with 100% anonymous tables.

This year is Fair Play Poker's tenth anniversary, so the site decided to celebrate by donating money. Through FREE 10.000, any player who makes a deposit will have a ticket to this free tournament which will be played on the last Sunday of the month. This party will last until the end of the year, as it will also take place in October, November and December.

Today, Fair Play Poker is the only site that has all its tables 100% anonymous, fairer, more transparent and more secure. Players' identity is fully protected on this platform, branded with the FPP logo to be able to recognize them and free from shark attacks so that everything is much more competitive for those who are just taking the first steps in the discipline.

In order to participate, the user must register and upon registration it guarantees up to USD 1,000 with the welcome bonus. Then he has to choose between credit card, Pix and boleto with early release, activate the bonuses and start playing.

On social media, Bodog said: “Ten years ago, Fair Play Poker Bodog started. And today, we will celebrate together! Come learn more about the special anniversary edition, play, have fun and get a chance to win USD 10K.”



Bodog is one of the world's largest online gaming and digital entertainment companies. With over 25 years of history, it arrived in Latin America with the objective of offering a differentiated experience, personalized service and a 100% secure platform.

The firm is present in the biggest football championships in the country, as it believes in and values national football. In addition, it is also changing the poker scene in Brazil, forming true champions and making its presence felt in the biggest tournaments today, according to a publication on the brand's website.

Bodog's platform also has modern and exclusive casino games that offer lot of prizes.

Source: GMB