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COPAG innovates by shifting to sustainable packaging

Brazilian COPAG signs its commitment to the environment by changing the packaging of nine products with sustainability. The company is launching a new way to pack game cards with Glassine, a material made from paper of renewable origin. In addition, it is also innovating in the way it seals its products. The COPAG seal will be present on the packaging of the Tampa and Fundo model, replacing the plastic.

COPAG, a pioneer in the manufacture of cards and the largest in the distribution of card games in the Brazilian market, announced a change in its packaging. From now on, the company will pack the game cards with Glassine, a material made from paper of renewable origin. This model will replace the traditional plastic cellophane and will keep the cards protected. In addition, “Glassine gives a more elegant look to the products,” according to COPAG.

Another item that is being implemented in its games is the COPAG seal, replacing the plastic that used to wrap the product. Now, instead, Tampa and Fundo packaging will come with a security seal with the COPAG logo so that the consumer knows that it is an original and high quality product. This seal has a set of cuts that make theft unfeasible, making it evident if the packaging is violated.

Customers will find these new features in the following products:

•             Color Addict

•             Color Addict Luluca

•             Toy Story 4 Activity Box

•             Frozen 2 Activity Box

•             COPAG Classics

•             What were you thinking?

•             Mimic Master

•             Now United Superfan

•             Sci Truco World Manual

Source: GMB