VIE 28 DE ENERO DE 2022 - 01:46hs.
Data from Nielsen, Social Blade and Forbes

NetBet reports that Free Fire earns US$5.5m per day, Fortnite US$4.8m

A study released by British website NetBet points out the profit of current main video game titles with cross data from Nielsen Super Data, Social Blade and Forbes. In the survey, Free Fire is ahead, with daily sales of R$ 30 million (US$5.5m). Garena's battle royale has been growing more and more and is already the game with the highest engagement on social media in Brazil. Fortnite, with R$26 million (US$4.8m), and League of Legends, with R$25 million (US$4.6m) are the next ones in the list.

The question which games earn the most money? is on the website where the study can be followed in real time and shows how much the top 20 games in the world market yield.

The site presents the data divided into the most profitable by seconds, minutes, hours or days, in addition to being possible to split between free and paid games. To arrive at the values of each title, the survey counted digital sales, expansion sales (DLCs) of games and various microtransactions, for example, for an average of two years, giving a dimension of the financial success of each release.

Brazil is currently in third place among the consumers of these products, only behind China and the United States.

The study is very dynamic and may cause some doubt as the data is updated in real-time. When testing the system, in just 24 hours Free Fire earned US$ 6.08 million and the GTA V, US$ 2.8 million.

The results are impressive. Free Fire appears at the top, with daily sales of R$ 30 million (US$5.5m). It is followed by Fortnite, with R$ 26 million (US$4.8m) and League of Legends, R$ 25 million (US$4.6m).



The mobile Pokémon GO appears with R$ 27 million (US$5m) per day.

Games with releases for smartphones easily occupy the first positions, indicating that microtransactions in the Free 2 Play model gain an advantage against the “Premium” model, even this second bringing microtransactions equally.

About the study not involving sports betting, a niche market where NetBet is one of the world leaders, the company's press office stated that “we tried not to pay attention only to betting. We regularly carry out diversified projects, such as a recent study that showed that none of the top ten car manufacturers in the European Union were meeting minimum requirements for carbon dioxide emissions.”

"Studies on game revenue are certainly a curiosity for many gamers and it is interesting that the company continues to deepen research that builds on the current market," says the press office.

NetBet, the company responsible for the research, has been in continuous operation in the online gaming and betting platform market since 2001 and is a pioneer in sponsorship of its segment in football and jiu-jitsu in Brazil, currently sponsoring the series A club of Brasileirão Red Bull Bragantino, partner of the BJJ Stars event and has the former Brazilian team Zé Roberto as brand ambassador.

Source: GMB