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Lucas Feltes, CEO of WT.AG

"Brazil is a betting market with a strong growth trend"

In an exclusive interview with GMB, the CEO of the WT.AG agency, Lucas Feltes, talked about the actions created for Netbet, the most effective types of advertising for bookmakers that are now entering a regulated market, and his forecast about the sector in Brazil. “I see a promising future with the consolidation of traditional players in the market and the entry of new players at the same speed at which the number of players will grow,” Feltes comments.

GMB - Currently, only one team of the Brasileirão Series A is not sponsored by a bookmaker in Brazil. Is this a sign that sponsoring clubs competing in this championship is one of the most effective types of advertising for betting sites?
Lucas Feltes -
In my opinion, the sponsorship movement for football teams was a way that the market found to have High Visibility for a qualified public and that has synergy with the sports betting market, at the same time that it found a drop in fundraising from the clubs, making for good negotiations.

It is an effective type of advertising due to the high visibility of football through television and the social channels of clubs and players. We also understand this effective movement for the Brazilian public to get to know the bookmakers and betting modalities.

On the other hand, we saw a possible saturation of this system (sponsorship football teams) in the medium and long term.

What other types of advertising are needed for companies that are now entering a legal market?
We understand that for all brands, it is important to impact the consumer throughout their purchase journey, and at each stage we have specific ways for this, such as the sponsorship of football teams, advertising on open and closed TV, digital influencers are ways indicated for Awareness (Top of Funnel) and for the middle of the funnel is very important the Inbound Marketing and content aimed at user education. Online media is very effective for conversion.

With this, we conclude that the best strategy is to seek to impact in different ways, but always with a single and effective message for the public due to the legal difficulties of broadcasting, which requires creative messages that bypass these issues.

]WTAG has a portfolio within the sports betting area. What actions were created and for which companies?
Today, we are responsible for Netbet's communication strategy in Brazil. We have been creating since the launch campaign with Zé Roberto, a football player recognized nationally and internationally for his integrity, technical excellence and strong sense of humor, qualities and values similar to those of Netbet.

In addition to Zé Roberto's campaign and content, we are working on several fronts of Social Media, Online and Offline Media, and product-oriented campaigns.

Based on the regulation of bookmakers, do you believe that there will be a massive investment in Brazilian sport?
Regulation is very good for the market as a whole, from the players and their entire chain (Employees, Agencies, Technology, Advertising and players). As a result, the market will grow enormously, and as it grows, it will open up unprecedented space for investment in sport beyond football.

How do you see the future of the marketing sector related to bookmakers in Brazil?
I see a promising future with the consolidation of traditional players in the market and the entry of new ones at the same speed as the number of players will grow, we are still a market with a strong growth trend.

For this consolidation of players and entry of new ones, massive investment in marketing and effectiveness of actions will be fundamental, causing the creation of a whole chain of highly specialized players in this segment. We hope this happens soon.

Source: Exclusive GMB