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Justin Le Brocque, firm’s Head of Marketing

“Sportsbet.io's effort is focused on always looking for long-term partnerships in Brazil”

Recently, São Paulo shook the market with the best sponsorship contract in its history. The betting site Sposrtsbet.io, also sponsor of Flamengo, has the main space in the ‘tricolor’ jersey. In an exclusive interview with GMB, Justin Le Brocque, its Head of Marketing, explains why Sao Paulo has been chosen, the activations that have taken place in Morumbi stadium, Denilson’s help and a balance of the brand's presence in Brazil. “Sportsbet.io is prepared for the regulation of sports betting in the country,” he states.

GMB - Why did you choose São Paulo for your first master sponsorship in Brazil? What goals do you hope to achieve with this branding action?
Justin Le Brocque -
Nothing is by chance. Since Sportsbet.io decided to invest in Brazil, our team monitors practically everything that happens in the country's sports scene. That's how we reached the consensus of signing a partnership with Flamengo back in 2019 and in the same way we did now, with São Paulo. The opportunity appeared and we saw that it could be great for both sides. We are talking about one of the biggest fans in Brazil and a team with a weight and history of global reach. So, it gets away from the South American scene and goes beyond the brand's reach at international levels. And goals are always visualizing the long term and opportune times. We usually say that our work appears on a daily basis, with each new action that is developed by our team.

What can the ‘tricolor's’ fan-partners expect from this partnership? What are the advantages for them?
It is still too early to say in practical aspects, even considering the scenario that we are still living in terms of health. But obviously we will have a lot of cards up our sleeves to create things that involve not only the online actions (which are already happening in every SPFC game) but also many offline activations. For us, this is fundamental and we will have the structure of Morumbi (stadium + box) to be able to think calmly and structure moments that will certainly be very important for fans who want to play together with us.

The agreement includes not only the presence of the brand in professional football, but also in other São Paulo teams. Can you tell us more about what the partnership covers?
Today Sportsbet.io is included in all professional sports teams in São Paulo. In addition to men's football, women's football, basketball and eSports teams. These properties consist of applications of our brand on uniforms, in strategic positions and respecting other partners who were already in support of these teams. The key here is fostering. We know that men's football in Brazil is the big spotlight, but we made a point of being present in the other segments, after all, it's all sport and it's all São Paulo. And if we see new paths out there, we will certainly go headlong too.

Will players from São Paulo also be able to participate in Sportsbet.io's promotional campaigns?
Naturally. Players are one of the easiest ways for the brand to approach the fan. Especially those fans who still don't know the brand or even our segment. We had excellent experiences with content and marketing materials involving Flamengo athletes in the club's best moments in 2019 and we intend to repeat the recipe for success. In the Premier League we also have excellent examples with the squad from Arsenal and Southampton.



How much did Denilson influence the success of this negotiation with the São Paulo club?
Denilson, in addition to being a very friendly guy and a very nice person, is also a professional extremely committed to what he proposes to do. He is Sportsbet.io's ambassador in Brazil and one of the main roles of any ambassador is to make dialogues and open paths. He is an idol of football in Brazil and even more of the São Paulo fans, for having roots in the club's base formation. His involvement was essential for the doors to be opened more naturally.

What other characters were essential to reach the signing of this agreement and since when has it been negotiated? Did you know there were other bookmakers interested?
This type of negotiation, even given the size it has, and the deliveries it offers, in the case of a gigantic team like São Paulo, it is natural that it doesn't happen overnight. We have been talking for a long time to bring things into line with the best perspectives on both sides and I am absolutely convinced that both sides are very satisfied with the result we have achieved. We have a very competent team to deal with this, just as the SPFC also has professionals that are well prepared for this, from the president to the marketing staff.



The company sponsors clubs in Europe and two giants in Brazil, Flamengo and São Paulo. Is it possible to imagine any “Copa Sportsbet.io” or any other tournament between these teams in the future?
Haha ha! Your idea is excellent. It wouldn't be bad. I'll even save the suggestion to take to our team. But being very frank and realistic, I think we would run into the issue of the calendar a lot. The time when European teams have to play friendlies is precisely at this time of year, between June and July. But in Brazil, at this moment, the clubs are very focused and on crucial moments in the table, such as the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores playoff disputes, for example. If that ever happened, it would have to be at least very well thought out. I'm not going to create false expectations for the fans, but it would be really cool.

What are you looking for in partnering with the Imperial eSports team?
Imperial Sportsbet.io has a long-term project that delighted us. From the moment we had the first conversation, we already understood that not only was there a long way to go, but that there are also many opportunities within the eSports scene that we want to be a part of. We found at Imperial precisely the partner we needed and wanted to make that first noise on the national stage, but wait for a lot to emerge from this partnership, which is still in its infancy.



Are there more Sportsbet.io sponsorships under negotiation in Brazil?
We are sponsors of São Paulo, Flamengo, Imperial and also the Copa do Brasil. Apart from the network of dozens of influencers that are in our catalog helping us to increasingly popularize bets. Our effort is focused on always analyzing and looking for opportunities with long-term partnerships, with profiles that share the same values ​​we have, globally. It's a mix of daily work and a sense of timing.

What balance can you make so far of the presence of Sportsbet.io in Brazil in all these years of work by the brand in the country? Do you think the brand has already achieved the desired market penetration?
I like to say it's an ant job. A work that happens daily and that in the end becomes a great thing. Between 2019 and the middle of 2021, we have already achieved many things. Our catchphrase “Deu Green”, for example, repertoire in TV commercials, mainly, has already won the public's taste and we feel very fulfilled by it. It is the result of our effort not only to do brand recognition work, but also to help popularize the sports betting segment. It's not easy, but we are very happy with what has been built so far, despite the long road ahead.

Do you expect a soon regulation of sports betting in Brazil to aspire to get a permanent license?
We are convinced that this will have to be resolved very soon. And we are prepared for that scenario, regardless of when it happens.

Source: GMB