SÁB 23 DE OCTUBRE DE 2021 - 20:51hs.
In the wake of STF decision

Government launches notice to study implementation of state lottery in Amazonas

The government of Amazonas will hire a company to carry out a study for the implementation of the Amazonas State Lottery. The competition will be by electronic auction and the deadline for submission of proposals is August 11, until 9:15 am, according to PE notice 840/2021. The implementation depends on approval by the Legislative Assembly and the Bill will be prepared and sent after the hiring and technical study by the winning company of the electronic auction.

The Amazonas lottery implementation service is being conducted by the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (SEDECTI). The lottery in Amazonas does not have defined modalities yet.

In its justification, SEDECTI highlights that "the current moment of the Brazilian economy is challenging given the scarcity of public resources, according to the assessment of technicians from the Central Bank of Brazil, in addition to being a notorious fact."

According to the Secretariat, “the international economic crisis, which has been going on for years, has internal repercussions in Brazil, negatively impacting the public accounts of the Union, States and Municipalities, which creates the need to seek to rebalance them. This situation requires the States to adopt legal measures that generate additional resources to face the aforementioned shortage.”

For this reason, the Government of Amazonas understands that "in this scenario, the feasibility of the State directly exploring lottery games, as provided for in art. 1, sole paragraph, of Decree-Law No. 204/1967. The State's ability to generate revenue without increasing the tax burden is another important justification, as the additional resources it will obtain will result from a purely private betting activity, without burdening individuals and legal entities with taxes, which could have harmful effects on the level of employment and income.”

By explaining the intention of the state government to exploit its lotteries, the Secretariat states that "the exploitation of the lottery, directly by the State, will also bring positive effects for the economic development of the State of Amazonas, considering the promotion of public policies, since of this collection will be reverted to the benefit of the social área.”

The Basic Project 007/21 of the Secretariat states that “studies reveal that state lotteries are an important instrument for generating jobs, income and local economic circulation, acquiring more relevance in the poorest regions of the country. With few activities still remaining, in the State of Pernambuco, lotteries in operation generate about 20,000 jobs; in Paraíba, lotteries when in operation generated approximately 6,000 jobs. In Rio de Janeiro, when Loterj was operating with all its modalities, it affected the maintenance of 8,000 direct jobs, with monthly transfers of R$ 3 million to Vida Obra Social.”

Thus, the PB points out as the object of the bidding the “contracting of a specialized company to prepare a technical-economic feasibility study for the implementation of the state lottery in the State of Amazonas.”

The study must cover the 62 municipalities of the State of Amazonas and also technical-operational, economic-financial aspects, risks, alternatives for implementation, also considering issues related to granting via concession for the private sector. The contractor will be responsible for carrying out the technical modeling of the activities and services to be transferred to the private partner, within the scope of the project to be structured, as well as the analysis of the lottery models (draw, sports, scratch cards and those that fit the legal model current) applicable to the case, based on the division of responsibilities between the public power and the private partner, and the forms of operation with the 62 municipalities.

The deadline for receiving proposals on the State Government Procurament and Purchases Portal is August 11 at 9:15 am. From 9:30 am, the opening of bids and bid competition will be made.

Documents, Attachments and Circular Letters of the Notice (available in Portuguese):

-BID NOTICE 2021/PE840


Source: GMB