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In the "Incomparable" series celebrates reinvention of São Paulo's Alex Sandro after serious accident

The reinvention of Alex Sandro Firmino da Silva, a football player for amputees from São Paulo, is the theme of the second episode of the series “Incomparable” on The Brazilian's saga, which turned a personal tragedy into an international triumph, was released this Monday (16). The series celebrates inspiring stories from fans of Brazilian clubs competing for Conmebol Libertadores.

Raised in Jardim Apura, in the city of São Paulo, Alex lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident in December 2016. His biggest fear was not being able to go back to playing football, his great passion.

But thanks to the values of faith, strength and determination learned from the heart team, he discovered the modality adapted for amputees and realized that the impossible was possible. The “Incomparable” series, held in partnership with Goal Click, celebrates inspiring stories from fans of Brazilian clubs competing for Copa Libertadores to reinforce their position that 'Every Results Is Possible'.

“ is committed to celebrating and extolling unparalleled stories like Alex's. We hope that, through our series, we can connect with these fans who share the passion for football,” commented Maria Flávia Losse, spokesperson for

Influenced by his father to support Palmeiras in his childhood, the São Paulo native, now 24 years old, found his true passion in the ‘Tricolor Paulista’. He never stopped dreaming of becoming a football player.

“It's a very special feeling to be on this episode. I think I have one more reason to tell my story. Representing São Paulo will always be an honor, as well as being able to tell a little of what I've accomplished,” said Alex Sandro, who lives the expectation of celebrating yet another achievement of his team.

Sport was a stimulus in the process of accepting a new life, given the limitations caused by the accident. Wearing the heart club colors, which was already an old desire, was one of Alex's greatest achievements.

Another one was his first time in a stadium to watch São Paulo on the field, in 2019. The draw with Talleres in the return game of the preliminary round of Conmebol Libertadores decreed the early elimination of the team, but served to show the São Paulo player that he was part of something much bigger than an outcome. From that day on, Alex understood what the atmosphere of the greatest competition in the Americas is like.

“Conmebol Libertadores represents a lot to me, as it is a very disputed cup. Every game is an ending. I imagine that for the players it must be an incredible feeling. For São Paulo, the title is very important. It is one of the biggest clubs in Brazil,” completed the fan.

The purpose of the episodes of the “Incomparable” series on in partnership with Goal Click was to provide a platform for fans to express their passion for the most popular sport in the world.

The idea is to put football fans at the center of their own stories and show what the sport really means to them. and Goal Click delved deeply into the culture of Brazilian football fans and put a spotlight on untold stories.

The series is presented by comedian Maurício Meirelles, ambassador of The artist was thrilled with the trajectory of Alex Sandro. ''A person who loses one of the greatest symbols of football, which is the leg, and becomes champion in this sport. If that doesn't show that 'Every Result Is Possible', I don't know what else would. Alex is the very possible result,'' declared Meirelles, who expects emotion in the derby between São Paulo and Palmeiras this Tuesday, 17th.

“I'm from the thesis that derby games have no favorite, because you don't play against a team. You participate in football history. And in the history of football, fans, shirt, soul and ancestry take advantage of performance.”

In the first episode, and Goal Click told the story of Ricardo Ziller, a fanatical fan of Atlético-MG who climbed Mount Everest and took the Galo flag to the top of the world.

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